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About Kaiga

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Kaiga is a nuclear power station situated at Kaiga in Uttar Kannada district in Karnataka, India. The plant has been in operation since March 2000 and is operated by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India.

It has four units with one still under construction. The two oldest units comprise the west half of the site and the two newer units are adjoining the east side of the site. All of the four are small-sized Candu plants of 220 MW.

The radiation leakage in the state-run Kaiga atomic power plant in Karnataka could be an act of sabotage, a top official said on Sunday. A probe has been ordered into the incident by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL). "Preliminary enquiry does not reveal any violation of operating related stories.

* Radiation leak at K'taka N-plant was deliberate Kakodkar.
* No harm to public from Kaiga atomic plant leak official.
* Nuclear experts probing radiation-contaminated water at Kaiga.
procedures or radioactivity releases or security breach. It is possibly an act of mischief," NPCIL Chairman and Managing Director SK Jain said in a statement.

He said radioactive contamination of the water cooler located outside the reactor building is "a matter of concern and the cause (of the leakage) is being investigated".

Since the incident was detected five days ago, the water cooler - which was identified as the source of radiation leakage - has been isolated and put out of service, Jain said.

In New Delhi, Minister of Science & Technology Prithviraj Chavan confirmed the "sabotage" at the nuclear plant and said a high-level probe has been ordered.

"It could be the handiwork of a disgruntled employee and we are awaiting the results of the inquiry," Chavan told journalists.

Jain pointed out that Unit 1 of Kaiga has been shut down for annual maintenance since Oct 20. Meanwhile Units 2 and 3 continue to be operational even as Unit 4 is under construction.

"All the systems of all the units are healthy and there is no release of radioactivity to the environment within the plant site and outside," he pointed out.

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