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<p><font size="2"><strong>USAGE</strong></font></p><ol><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">What do I need to prepare before booking online?</font><br /><font color="#000000">All you need to have is an internet connected computer and a printer. Click for </font></font><a href="#paydetails" title="Go to payment details FAQ&#39;s"><font size="2" color="#000000">payment details</font></a><font size="2" color="#000000">.</font></li><li><font color="#ff0000"><a name="booking_process" title="booking_process"></a><font size="2">How do I book the seat online?<br /></font></font><font size="2">Booking seats is just a simple process:</font></li><ol><li><font size="2">On your left side of the screen, select the itinerary</font></li><li><font size="2">Select a service</font></li><li><font size="2">Enter booking details</font></li><li><font size="2">Enter details for your payment<br />Print the Order Confirmation Message (E-Ticket) and present it at boarding.</font></li></ol><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">What is a PNR?<br /></font>In the travel industry, a Passenger Name Record (PNR) is a record in the database of a </font><font size="2">Computer Reservation System</font><font size="2"> (CRS) that contains the travel record for a passenger, or a group of passengers traveling together.<br />When a passenger books an itinerary, the travel agent or travel website he uses will create a PNR in the Computer Reservation System it uses.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">How do I cancel the ticket?</font><br />You can cancel your ticket by entering the PNR number (Ticket Number) provided to you after the seat booking process has been successfully completed.<br />Also see Cancellation policies.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">After I have purchased tickets online, how do I pick up my tickets?<br /></font>E-tickets will be issued for all bookings made online at</font> <font size="2"><em></em></font>. <font size="2">On a successful purchase the system will generate an Electronic Ticket and a printable ticket will be displayed. The ticket is your confirmation of travel.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">Is your ticket, printer-friendly?</font><br />Yes, But still if problems persist during printing. U can take the print later by noting down your PNR number in the e-ticket.<br />In case of online booking, it is a must to take a printout of the ticket and produce it at the time of boarding. If you don&#39;t have a printer at the time of booking, the ticket can be printed later and same may be produced at the time of boarding.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">What if I do not have a printer to print out the tickets?</font><br />You need to write down your Confirmation Message and PNR Number.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">I have lost my ticket. What do I do now?</font><br />You can reprint the e-ticket which exists in your email account.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">Can I cancel my ticket?</font><br />Yes, The tickets booked through </font><em><font size="2"></font></em><font size="2"> can be cancelled. The cancellation of tickets is as per the travels/ travel agents conditions. The amount will be refunded on conditions after duly collected cancellation fee. <br />Before booking a ticket, please read the terms and conditions of the travels.<br />Please note: The credit card used to pay for tickets may be required at check-in or during refund processing.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">Do I need to pick-up a physical ticket after I&#39;ve purchased the ticket online?</font><br />No, you can bring a print of e-ticket generated after successful transaction.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">What if I do not have a printer to print out the tickets?<br /></font><font color="#000000">You need to write down your Confirmation Message and PNR Number. You can then take a print of your ticket whenever a printer is available.</font></font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">Where can I buy tickets other than online?</font><br />You can buy tickets by calling to our office on </font><font size="2"><font color="#0000ff">080-</font></font><font size="2"><font color="#0000ff">22260800 / 9880599834</font>. </font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">Can I book the return tickets?</font><br />Booking a return ticket is similar to booking onward journey ticket. Follow </font><a href="#booking_process" title="Booking Steps"><font size="2">Booking Steps</font></a><font size="2">.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">Do I need to register to book online?<br /></font>No, we have got rid of lengthy user-registration forms. But you can contact us anytime through feedbacks.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">Will I see a confirmation message after I have just made a booking online?<br /></font>Yes, you will see a confirmation page after making a successful booking. If you do not see one, please contact us at </font><font size="2"></font></li></ol><p><a name="paydetails" title="paydetails"></a><font size="2"><strong>PAYMENT DETAILS</strong></font></p><ol><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">&quot;Bank approval was not obtained&quot; when I tried to purchase tickets, what should I do?<br /></font>Please verify your credit/debit card details and try again, or try with another credit card.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">I get an error message when I click on Tickets &amp; Reservations. What&#39;s going on?<br /></font>Chances are there may be too much traffic right now for us to serve everyone at one time. Try back in a few minutes. If you&#39;re still having trouble, try back during off-peak hours, such as in the early morning or late evening, when the site is not so busy. Remember: You can also buy tickets right at the main gate on the day of your visit, subject to availability.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">How will my bank account be debited?<br /></font>The total amount will be debited from your Bank account, which you have entered for Online Banking. Your bank account will be debited immediately.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">Will I get any intimation from the Bank for the payment?<br /></font>Yes, if you have activated mobile banking services with your Bank then you will receive a success/failure of your bank account being debited.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">Will I receive intimation for successful booking of the ticket?<br /></font>Yes, seabird will send you a SMS, intimating you the success / failure of the ticket booking along with your PNR number.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">What if I do not get any confirmation message?</font> <br />There might be a problem with your internet connection or some connectivity failures. Please dont panic, your transactions always done either completely or not done at all. so you can check your account balance immediately for debit and then ensure the seat is booked by you.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">What payment options do you have?<br /></font>The different payment options are:</font></li><ol><li><font size="2">Pay through Credit card </font></li><li><font size="2">Pay through Debit card.<br />Please note: The credit card used to pay for tickets may be required at check-in or during refund processing.</font></li></ol><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">What credit cards do you accept?</font><br />We accept the following credit cards:</font></li><ol><li><font size="2">Visa.</font></li><li><font size="2">MasterCard.</font></li></ol><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">When will you charge my credit card after I have made a booking online?<br /></font>Once you have confirmed your booking online, we will immediately debit your credit. </font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">Are online transactions safe?<br /></font>Seabird is committed to the safety and security of the online transactions. Customer&#39;s credit card is as safe as possible when booked on <br />Information exchanged with us online is treated securely and protected, by using the internationally accepted and industry standard powerful encryption technology (128 bit secure socket layer, SSL). This software encrypts customer&#39;s personal data as it is sent between the browser and our systems.<br />The web booking engine is directly connected to SeaBird Reservation System, which has direct links to the Credit Card associations for credit card processing, avoiding that transactions get further exposed on the web. The Credit Card associations reliability and security standards are utilized for these links.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">Do I have to pay booking fee?</font><br />Currently we are not charging any booking fees for online transactions.</font></li></ol><p><font size="2"><strong>POLICIES</strong></font></p><ol><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">What if I lost my credit card?</font><br />In case of refunds, if you have lost your credit card, please bring your confirmation number and photo ID to collect refunds(See <a href="#cash_coupons" title="Cash Coupons">Cash Coupons</a>).</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">If I missed the bus, will I get a refund?<br /></font>If bus is missed because of your mistake, Company will not be responsible .If you miss the bus because of;s fault, company will direct you to the travels/ travel agents where necessary actions will be taken to serve the customer. If the bus is missed due to any reason not directly related to, it does not provide any refund.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">Can I make transactions for anyone?<br /></font>Yes, you can book online for any one provided you use your valid credit card and provide correct passenger details while booking.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">Can I get refund after I purchased a ticket but could not make the trip?<br /></font>In cases where the trip was not made by you because of your personal reasons then no money will be refunded. But in case the trip was cancelled by the travel operator your money will be refunded in the form of &quot;Cash coupons&quot;.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">What all that I carry with me on the Bus?<br /></font>Cabin luggage limit is subjected to the bus operator&#39;s policy and may vary from operator to operator; you can call our call center to obtain the specific details. </font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">Can partial cancellation be done(Eg: 3 to 2 seats)?</font><br />Yes, we allow partial cancellations. </font></li></ol><p><font size="2"><strong>SPECIAL FEATURES</strong></font></p><ol><li><font size="2"><a name="cash_coupons" title="cash_coupons"></a><font color="#ff0000">What is a cash coupon? <br /></font>Cash Coupons are cash vouchers that will be generated in case of ticket cancellations. The liable amount is given as cash coupon which has a unique ID. This cash voucher can be produced during your next online booking.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">What is spread by email?<br /></font>Spread my email is a helpful deed you are doing to us by promoting our portal to your family and friends.</font></li><li><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">Hot offers! How long?<br /></font>Please confirm for Hot offers date validity as hot offers might be changed prior to intimation.</font></li></ol><p><font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">I have another question which is not answered above.</font><br />For more questions and suggestions please be frank to reach us through feedback. Your questions will be answered asap by our admin.</font></p>